Conveyor Belts – A-Main Asset in Industrial Sectors

The demand for the conveyor belt market is growing in all industrial sectors with leaps and bounds. The main reason that makes conveyor belt is further expected to grow at high CAGR is, it helps improving productivity by reducing labor costs in various industry sectors such as; agricultural, airlines, mining and manufacturing, etc.

The SL Belting provides rubber belting products for both domestic and international equipment manufacturers and distributors. Apart from conveyor belts, we also deal in supplying pickup belts, merger belts, tub grinder belts, and other belting types for agricultural usage. As a leading conveyor belting vendor, we believe in facilitating our clients with all possible aspects possible ranging from forestry to recycling, materials handling, and package handling customers with light industrial belting.


It isn’t necessary that any well-working conveyor belt in the logging industry works equally well for an aggregate industry, as it might likely overkill in the agricultural industry. Similarly, you can’t compare one type of conveyor to another, though, if it belongs to the same industry.

To help you best in all sourcing efforts and to provide in-depth know-how of the conveyor belting marketplace, we provide belts to meet medium, lightweight, and heavy-duty applications. The SL Belting as belting vendors are able to fulfill all customer needs, either global, regional, or local.

All Conveyor Belts Aren’t Created Equal!

Since conveyor belts are usually considered as an add-on or regarded as just another component part, thus; the thing to consider here is the physical differences in conveyor belts. From one belt to the next can be unreadable to the amateur eye; the right conveyor belt will either make or, quite literally, break your operation.

A failure in a conveyor belt or wrong choice of belt can bring your entire operation to an end, which can be destructive as the cost of waiting, or stoppage is expensive. Here SL belting vendor can help you find the right conveyor belt with a bit of desk research, and we can also guide you through the belt decision-making process. If your business deals in product development, and manufacturing of collections conveyor equipment, then working with qualified belting vendors early in this procedure can be prolific for your business as we can help you improve the function of the conveyor system for better performance in future

A good conveyor belting vendor will guide you to the features or factors of the conveyor system that are mainly responsible for giving an effective performance of the conveyor belt. We work with numerous leading manufacturers around the world, and we make sure to provide you the right product as per your required application.

Perks of Approaching Us as Your Conveyor Belting Vendor 

We are committed to facilitating our clients in terms of;

  • Quick delivery for goods
  • Competitive pricing High Quality
  • Best Services for after-sale

Specifications of Our Provided Conveyor Belts

  • length:20m-1000m
  • width: 400mm-2400mm
  • thickness:6mm-30mm
  • rubber cover tensile strength: 8mpa -25mpa.
  • fabric tensile: Ep80-ep400

We Ensure Guarantee of Belts & Other Products

  • The warranty period of the general belt is 12months
  • The heat resistant belts made within a temperature range of 200c are durable for only 6months, & Belts made in temperature above up to 250c are durable for 3 months
  • The warranty period of steel cord belts is 36months


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