Two Main Types Of Conveyor Belts

There are two industrial classes of conveyor beltings; the first is general material handling, and another is bulk material handling. Depending on your rubber belting conveyor system, you will decide what type of belt you will want to carry your products.

·         General Material Handling Conveyor Belt

This system involves moving materials, products, items across short distances within the limits of a building or between a building and a vehicle like they do at a national sporting hub. You can use these conveyor belts for moving smaller-sized and lower-weight items like moving boxes along inside a factory.

·         Bulk Material Handling Conveyor Belt

This system is where the conveyor belt wants to handle large volumes of raw goods, dry materials, sharp, heavy materials, or metals. Examples of bulk things are coal, minerals, stone, ores, sand, flour, chemicals, grains, and sugar.

This belting makes bulk material handling conveyor systems and rubber belting conveyors useful for industries that produce bulk materials like food and drink, tobacco, metals, animal food, agriculture, painted goods, ceramics, and chemicals.

Where You Use A Conveyor Belt System?

People use conveyors across various industries but are very popular within the distribution and warehouse space and in the manufacturing and production industry. They installed the conveyor system in places like Hermes national sorting hub and massive success from installing an automated conveyor system into their national corner because of the increased while the systems can handle.

They can help most industries because of the variation of weight, length, and items they can carry due to conveyor belt systems being adaptive.

Conveyor Belt Sushi

people do not use conveyor belt systems just for great products and carrying heavy materials. If you can find a rubber belting conveyor to the Japanese food chain YoSushi. You may have mostly grabbed one of your plates of the conveyor belt that interwinds around the cafeteria’s seating plan. The type of conveyors uses a rubber material to transport rare items with small surface areas, which stop the plates from falling between sections.

People use Belt conveyor technology in moving people in public places, like the moving isles between terminals at the airport, transporting skiers up a slope, escalators in a shopping center, or moving your products down the line at the checkout in your resident supermarket.

Moreover, you can find that there are incredibly long conveyor belts fitted to transport items and goods in some cases. For your information, Dubai International Airport has the most extended conveyor belting system in the world for their baggage handling system, which is a mixture of different belts and features for a baggage handling system at a shared length of 39 miles.

Why Do People Use Conveyor Belts?

You can use Conveyor systems for various reasons, but people mainly use belting for labor cost-saving while increasing amount on a section of the production or transportation process. It means they can get more products manufactured and sent out to customers more quickly and efficiently.

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