The manufacturers made a complete range of cleaning brushes, motors, and mountings for conveyor systems and conveyor belts. They made chevron conveyor belts to suit different environments like heat resistance, bakery, food-grade, i.e., ovens, food production, and seafood. They were aggressive and robust if required, i.e. for building materials and engineering warehousing, etc.

A good conveyor belting brush will keep your conveyor belting system clean and in good working order, refining your production line’s productivity. The manufacturers offer a full range of conveyor brushes to solve specific problems, including static-free scrubs with tiny particles and products sensitive to electric charges.

The conveyor brushes can resolve the problem of maintenance time and downtime on production conveyors by removing the unwanted build-up of debris. Conveyor belt cleaning brushes are either close-wound brushes or an open-faced spiral (auger style). The amount of hostility required to clean, along with the type of conveyor system, determines the type and style of brush.

There are numerous things to study when thinking about a new brush for the conveyor belt cleaning system.

  • Diameter and width: The accessible area of the cleaning system you can install to determine the maximum and minimum sizes ultimately.
  • Size of fill material: The type of conveyor and the amount of production residue adhered to the track determine the extent of the material. It can be wire, synthetic, or a mixture of both, which syndicates both scrubbing and sweeping simultaneously.
  • Brush density and pattern: Close wound brushes or open spirals offer different scrubbing options dependent on the amount of aggression essential to clean.
  • Speed: Brushes usually operate in the opposing direction to the belt. Therefore, careful consideration wants to be determined when using a non-variable speed motor.

There are two types of conveyor belt cleaning brush:

  • Rotary Roller Brush
  • Strip Brush


Roller brush solutions are more effective, and they typically have a longer life. They are also very flexible, being suitable for a wide range of applications. We can manufacture roller brush cleaning solutions up to 5 meters in length best for chevron conveyor belts.

The heavy material is an important decision and will vary according to the conveyor cleaning situations, for example, dry, wet, hot, or cold.

A bespoke conveyor cleaning brush will cater to customer requirements, including wear characteristics, replacement cost, and replacement downtime. You can have words with the suppliers or customer services online before having it.

You can clean the conveyor belt by using brushes and a cleaning medium such as hot water. The roller brush is in constant contact with the belt. You can clean it with a lower brush which is semi-immersed in a cleaning fluid. Afterward, a squeegee roller dries the belt, and an air knife can also add to dry the belt completely.


The manufacturers supply strip brushes of most standard sizes with additional aluminum or PVC clip-on holders, including our standard 3-metre-long aluminium holders and fabricated galvanized steel or stainless steel units. You can contact suppliers for the dimensions and requirements before buying.

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