Chevron conveyor belting system-you must read!

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Before starting with the chevron conveyor belt, you must know about the conveyor belting system and how its works? The conveyor belting system is one of the modern technologies as industrial equipment. The conveyor belt manufacturer designed the belting system to transport things from one place to another. There is no need for laborers; just an operator can function the whole conveyor system. Manufacturers design especially for big industries, but now you can easily find modern small-sized conveyor belts in retailer shops, airports, etc.

Chevron conveyor belting system:

We use chevron pattern conveyor belts for a massive range of conveyor tasks and suit several industries like sugar refiners, cement works, grain processing, salt, sand, quarrying, rock mining, and mineral processing. Moreover, chevron conveyor belts use for mobile crushes and screens for steep inclines. The chevron cleated conveyor belt increases the number of granular materials used in heavy-duty incline applications.

Chevron Conveyor Belt is one type of conveyor belt with a smooth carrying surface that conveys packed and unpacked material up to the inclination of 22° as an upper limit. Chevron conveyor beltings are the accurate conveyor belts to meet the wants when higher inclination angles are essential.

Chevron Conveyor Belt has rubber profiles that vulcanized integrally with the top cover of the conveyor belt. These profiles are made with highly abrasion-resistant rubber types and existing in softer compounds and 60 shore materials. Its outlines are shaped so that there is no need for special idlers and run on conventional conveyors. The pitch of the chevron conveyor belting ensures a smooth ride over flat return Idlers.

Areas of Application:

The list of applications areas are mentioned where chevron conveyor belts are commonly used:

  • Quarries
  • lime works
  • sandpits
  • cement works
  • farming: conveying of wooden chips, beets, potatoes, grains, fertilizers,
  • coal transport
  • coke transport
  • salt mines
  • sugar refineries
  • mobile crushers and screens

Chevron Conveyor Belts offered precision designed and developed to provide the desired space-saving on steep inclines that can go about 40 Degrees. These conveyor belts intended to deliver improved load carrying capacity in bulk with a lump size of up to 150mm in such circumstances.


  • Some of the standard features of chevron conveyor belts include:
  • For meeting the high capacity demand conveying at steep angles.
  • Intended to prevent load slippage, damage, or rollback of goods while conveying
  • It comes with cleats that integrally cast with top cover rubber that prevents separation from the belt
  • Cleats of belts also helping in achieving high-abrasion resistance and elastic rubber compounds for chosen flexibility
  • Can be made available in wide-ranging finish design specifications
  • It offers different cleat heights as well as widths depending on application desires
  • Following exactness design standards that ensure conveyor belt has smooth run on conventional return idlers, therefore needing no conveyor modification
  • Belting support provided, allowing a smooth transition from conveyor conventional flat belt to Chevron Conveyor Belts
  • Can be contrived in all cover grades, including abrasion-resistant M24, OR, FR, HR,
  • Available in a white finish that helps in maintaining fit hygiene standards



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